Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So i haven't post since lat year how crazy is that i have been soo busy and have had no time to get on my blog that i completely forgot about so let me update you on what i did .I turned 14 and have lots more prvillages i went in to the 8th grade and now am moving on to high school there is 5 days of school left i am walking in promotion then right after we are leaving for Utah ahhhhhhhhhhhh i think i have to pee a little lol ohh somebody stole my phone i made it to precompany in dance i have a dress rehearsal  at 4 i have a preformence sometime next week i am think of of doing summer dance classes soo if you r interested stay posted and i will eventually post when and were and time they will be at, the ages the dance subject and so forth.i will post information to get a hold of me soo we can talk i think i am charging 5 bucks a lesson depending how much kids i get.soo ya that i what i have been up to ohhhhh and i went and saw iron man three amazing us amazing. and i think that is it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Alaska !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So for my birthday I got a ticket to Alaska I was thrilled I couldnt wait to go I also got my nails done but that is a differnt story anyway we left June first and got there June 2 the trip was LONG LONG and the seats on the plain not comfterable  anyway we got to alaska in 1 ok 1 in the morning and went to bed at 1:30 that is late but in Alaska it dosent get dark ok mabey for like an hour but then the sun pops right back up the first day we were there we pretty much drove and looked at the moutains stores gift shops the second day we hung out out the house and went to the park but you have got to be carfull and watch out for 1:bears 2;moosse lucky we only saw a moose and a little heads up it didnt gt hotter then 70' deggres but it was nice, any way on are way home we saw another moose it wasent a big one but I mean it is a moose for crying out lound in Arizona it say watch for rocks or cows not moose lol any way then we went a stayed at a lake house for a couple of days and swam  also in alaska their is not lighting so we swam in the rain hahah when we got back we 2 days left :(  but we didnt sit around and do nothing we went Talketna Alaska sooo pretty we ate their pizza one word YUMMMMMMM it was the best then we went to the gift shop and got some souvenirs I got a shirt and a cute moose. The last day we went to the iditerod dog place and saw some of the racing dog :) sooooo cool my dad loved more than any of us then we ate packed up and left ,it was a trip to rember !

Saturday, March 24, 2012

hair cut

pretty sexy right

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brynlee Cluff my miny me lol

Brynlee Cluff is almost turning two and i cant wait .this little cutie has been through a
lot and is the strongest baby out there i think ,but my mom is the one that made it all happen and she has also been through a lot when my mom and Brynlee were in the hospital it was really hard and we never got to see here i am just glad that it is over .But she growing her r some more pic of her i havent got any recent ones yet but her they are i love u Brynlee happy early birthday sweetie ,be a good girl already have ur present ,lets just say that u loved what daddy got mom for valentines day ,love baby. and mom u are the best love u

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My sicence project

this is my project i don't have a lot of pictures saved so here is my project :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012


School is good and school is boring i am in a boring class right now soo i though what they the hay lets post something soooo here it is science is sooo boring sooo g2g bye post a commet lol. :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

WAIT WHAT !!!!!!!!!!

Ok so we had our christmas early because my mom and dad had planned a trip ,so we wake up at 6:30 and a ready to open presents because well hello there is presents under the tree ,anyway so when we get opening the presents our mom says kids come sit down we have to talk about something,so we sit down and my mom said:ok we are going on a trip to PHX and from there we are going to gail ,ok i am not shure if just read that but we are going to CAIli !!!!!! anyway when we getting back my dad comes running in and say kiersten broke her arm in two places,they are at the ER right now and the doctor said if i can't set it i am going to have to do surgery ,and the doctor say i am pretty shure i will not be able to set ,so we said a prayer and 2 minutes later becky called us back and said that they we able to set and they gave kiersten some stuff for the pain i was so glad that he could help.So then we finished packing and and left 4 hrs later ,when we got there we got an cool room,day1 went to sea world ,day2;went to the beach day3;disney land 1 word FUN it was an amazing trip i really was i am great full that i was able to do this thank u mom and dad ohhhh and justin and becky went with us ohhhh and that you justin and dad for making it happ[en love ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!