Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So i haven't post since lat year how crazy is that i have been soo busy and have had no time to get on my blog that i completely forgot about so let me update you on what i did .I turned 14 and have lots more prvillages i went in to the 8th grade and now am moving on to high school there is 5 days of school left i am walking in promotion then right after we are leaving for Utah ahhhhhhhhhhhh i think i have to pee a little lol ohh somebody stole my phone i made it to precompany in dance i have a dress rehearsal  at 4 i have a preformence sometime next week i am think of of doing summer dance classes soo if you r interested stay posted and i will eventually post when and were and time they will be at, the ages the dance subject and so forth.i will post information to get a hold of me soo we can talk i think i am charging 5 bucks a lesson depending how much kids i get.soo ya that i what i have been up to ohhhhh and i went and saw iron man three amazing us amazing. and i think that is it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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